The taste of honey is the taste of a place

Pure Swedish Premium Honey

Our honey is a completely natural product ready to eat straight from nature. No processing just gently extracted honey naturally matured as the bees want and have done it for ages.

We wait for the bees to finish their job before extracting, not taking any shortcuts. This takes some extra time but it´s worth it. Some people call it slow honey. Let nature take the time it needs. The gentle treatment assures the different aromas from different types of nectar, giving you a diverse tasting experience.

Nature and bees are close to our hearts. Clean air, water, and soil provide high-quality clean food – a pure natural treasure of the highest quality available.

Frequently Asked Questions about our products

Where can I find the honey?

Here are some of the places where our honey is sold internationally.

Some of the shops below offer online sales.

Is the honey organic?

We offer organic and non-organic honey depending on the market.

Can I purchase The Honey of Sweden online?