Monica Larsson Beekeeper

Monica Larsson

Lars Larsson


At the south hillside of the ridge Hallandsås in the west part of Skåne (Scania) the bee farm, Honungsgården på Bjäre is found. The bee farm is run by Monica Larsson and her husband Lars Larsson. The farm and the land have been in the family for 13 generations and the bees have been a business here for 10-15 years. Here we find a mix of woodlands on the ridge and an open landscape with large fields below. 

Sometimes the area is called the Swedish Provence and every year the first new potatoes of the season come from here. Not far away you will find the city of Båstad, where the tennis tournament Swedish Open is played every July.  

Besides honey production, Monica is a well-known queen bee breeder in Sweden. Monica has a degree in professional beekeeping and is one of our carefully selected beekeepers and partners.