Glasbo Apiary

Johanna Davidsson

Jonas Davidsson


Jonas and Johanna Davidsson at Glasbo Biodling (Glasbo Apiary) are based in the highlands of Småland. An area in the south of Sweden with a lot of woodlands. Here the bees forage from wildflowers like blueberry, lingonberry, and raspberry. In late summer heather can also be found.

In Småland the land is not suitable for extensive farming because of many forests and rocks in the ground. This is an area that many people emigrated from in the late 19th century to seek luck in America. Today forestry is important here and a lively business life with many small businesses.   

Except for beekeeping, Jonas also grows vegetables that are delivered to the local retail stores. Jonas holds a degree in professional beekeeping and is one of our carefully selected beekeepers and partners.