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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Beekeepers

How do you choose beekeepers?

We divide this into two segments. Care about the bees and care about the honey.

The beekeepers we work with must have high standards in their beekeeping, where they take good care of the bees. They have to keep the bees healthy and ensure they have enough food instead of harvesting every drop of honey. We want them to avoid environments that can be stressful or unnatural for bees.

Caring about the honey means that you must wait until the bees are done with their job before you harvest the honey. You must not be eager and harvest too early. You must use well-intended equipment and handle the honey carefully without heating.

Can I become a beekeeper?

If you have been a beekeeper for a few years and you live up to our standards, yes you can. But you need experience, you need to have several colonies, and of course, you need the proper facilities.  

How do I know that the bees are taken care of?

We need to meet each other, and we need to see how you work. Trust is built over time. We will ask you how you work and want to see how you manage the bees.