About us

My name is Mats Olofsson and I am the founder and CEO of Swedish Bee Company. I have an exam from a Higher Vocational College of Professional Beekeeping and a journeyman’s certificate in the profession of beekeeping.

It all started with an idea to get closer to nature. I took a class in beekeeping and I was stuck. I was fascinated by how the bee colony works and the vital role bees play in nature and for pollination. Beekeeping can give fantastic experiences from nature.

Together with our bees, we produce pure Swedish natural honey, THE HONEY OF SWEDEN. We also cooperate with other carefully selected beekeepers in Sweden to find the best honey to be able to offer different types of honey representing Sweden.

Our bees are placed in sparsely populated areas of Sweden with woodlands, meadows, and small farms in varied landscapes. Every harvest is unique and will have different colors and tastes. That is because the taste of honey is the taste of a place. We put an honor in letting nature take its time and the bees do their job, as they have done it for millions of years before we harvest the honey. It is slow tech, and we call it slow honey.

Image a late summer evening.

Everything in nature grow so that you can see and hear it.

The evening is warm, the light is still there, and you stand watching the bees fly and collect nectar.

At the same time they perform an important Ecosystem Service which we all are depending on.

We produce pure Swedish natural honey. We also cooperate with carefully selected beekeepers in Sweden to find the best honey and are, because of that, able to offer different types of honey.