THE HONEY Of Sweden 400g (14.1 oz)

$29.99 USD

The Honey of Sweden is a 100% natural and unpasteurized premium honey ready to eat straight from the jar. 

Internationally acclaimed in Europe as well as in in Japan and Hong Kong, and with gold medal awards for its superior taste and quality at the Paris International Honey Awards, London International Honey Awards, and the Mediterranean Taste Awards, we are excited to bring our honey to you in America!

“We believe in the Art of Ethical Beekeeping, old school beekeeping that prioritizes the sustainability and health of the bees, their habitat, and our planet. We let nature take its time so the bees can finish their job without interruption, as they have done for millions of years, before we gently harvest the honey. Honey Aficionados call this “Slow Honey”, we call it pure magic.                                                                                                        

We work with carefully selected family-owned Beekeepers in pristine, rural areas of Sweden dotted by woodlands, meadows, and small farms in a mixed landscape. The color and taste of our honey depend on the wild flowers where bees collect nectar and the soil where the flowers grow. Every harvest is traceable to the apiaries, unique and with different colors and tastes. Because of this, the taste of The Honey of Sweden is the taste of a place just like terroir for wine. Enjoy!”

Mats Olofsson, Founder and CEO of the Swedish Bee Company.

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